Building a coop!

We constantly get messaged about chickens needing rescue and haven, but until now we have not had the location nor space (plus we have been busy volunteering our time at, and giving our resources to, formal sanctuaries already in existence, as well as having been on staff at several, over the years.)

But now we a great big yard, and the need for more havens for rescued little peeps is great, so: it is time. We are planning to build our first COOP!

It is incredibly exciting, and the potential to be able to care for and give haven to more has me busting at the seams. Having cared for so many birds at other shelters, I have strong ideas as to what kind of housing is best as far as comfort and quality of life for the birds, maintenance, and even aesthetics...  Read on by clicking HERE to learn more, or if you want to help it happen you can go straight to our GOFUNDME page!

Rebecca Moore