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Compassion, relentlessly applied.

At a cellular level, all animals (human and non-human) crave happiness in their own way. Whether as dance-floor ecstasy or meditative contentment, scratches under the neck or fresh grass, a piece of music or a soft bed, happiness is a quality that elevates all life to a magical and transcendent state.

The Institute for Animal Happiness (IFAH) is a vegan microsanctuary and growing advocacy organization. The Institute's mission is to foster greater compassion through education, creativity and direct action - in order to alleviate the suffering of all beings, human and non-human. We currently rescue, provide haven and care for abused chickens. In focusing on these small, completely discounted victims who are deemed to be worthless and expendable by society at large, we wish to make our compassionate mission very clear: all beings have rights, and all beings deserve to live free from cruelty and suffering. We are also establishing and sharing creative programs, resources and offerings that seek to inspire positive change.  We strive to continually increase our capacity for direct rescue and care, as well as foster art and opportunities that encourage joy, learning, dialogue and positive action for animals and all who are oppressed in a way that is linked clearly to the rainbow of social justice movements, while firmly grounded in a vegan, animal rights = human rights (Intersectional) philosophy.


“Only the growth of love among people can change society for the better.”


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How did we get here?

Everyone here has a story. Everyone here came from difficult circumstances, and deserved better than how they were treated. Learn their names, learn where they each came from, and what you both might have in common. Click HERE.



Things change when we all come together to share!



Our second annual HUDSON VALLEY VEGFEST returns! The vegan world is here, in the Hudson Valley - and we hope you will join in the fun and excitement! Two days of fantastic food, innovation, compassion for animals, fitness and health, film, music and so much more!


In the works for 2019: an art and music vegan and intersectional gathering and uprising to celebrate our common Animalhood!  Join our email list to get in the loop on this incredible event!


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