Every single one an Individual.

A NOTE: You may notice, our population of residents is smaller than usual at this time. We feel joy and hope with each new arrival, but also we mourn when one of us passes. In the last few months (January thru the summer) despite all efforts, we had to weather the extra demanding care needs of Buckles, Chick P., and Penguin as health and biological challenges surfaced, only to be confronted with facing the loss of each beloved one. We must balance intake of new residents with needing time to recoup our medical care fund, which often gets depleted. At this time of year (heading into Fall) we are also facing the momentous effort that is Hudson Valley Vegfest & the Kingston Animalia Concert. These simultaneously produced, large scale educational and awareness offerings are currently also our primary annual fundraising efforts, which helps us to be self-sustaining and maintain care, feeding and housing of everyone here for the year to follow. These dual events (which take place this year on October 19th & 20th 2019, at BSP in Kingston NY) really take everything we’ve got for our small team to produce and bring home successfully. As such, we currently are unable to take in new residents until we are on the other side of this fundraiser event. If you have a being in need of haven, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email, to be put on our wait list or receive a list of resources that may be helpful.)


In Memoriam


Below, some of the individuals whom we have had the profound honor of caring for. With each new arrival, we have so much hope… but for some, their time with us turns out to be too brief. Every being has so many challenges to overcome and part of this work is at times having to face the limits of what veterinary care can provide. We never cease to be amazed at how unique and special each one of them is; how much they touch our lives and teach us. Thank you for any support that helps us do this work.


Others in Memoriam, who came here and we did our best to help:

Ping and Pong
Chick P.