Building a vegan festival!

My friend Sande Nosonowitz and I have joined forces to build a professional and awesome Vegfest for the Hudson Valley! It is a mammoth effort, but we started in 2015 to be sure to do it right and have a strong root system from which to grow.

You can learn more about it at! The Institute for Animal Happiness is so proud to be helping this kind of educational and fun event come to The Hudson Valley. If we want veganism to be taken seriously here, the spotlight has to get bigger, and we have to celebrate local while inviting more vegan life support and inspiration from afar.

So - this is happening! If you want to be involved in any way - be it as a volunteer, a vendor, a sponsor, or simply to attend and enjoy everything going on, you can sign up via the contact form on that site, and someone will be in touch with you almost INSTANTLY!*

(*Okay, maybe within a day. But we sincerely hope you will join us!)

Visit to check out the sponsors, speakers, presentations and vendors who have already joined in the fun and signed up! It's pretty darn exciting.

XO, Rebecca