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(Photo by Pax Ahimsa Gethen.)

The Vassar Animal Rights Club is producing this important event:

Creating a Blueprint for Animal Liberation: Afrofuturism and the Architecture of the Black Vegan Movement

This is an incredible chance to hear Aph Ko, a major voice in the vegan animal rights movement and beyond, bringing to light issues of racism and social justice that are often not spoken about or acknowledged in the animal rights world as they should be in order for us to really understand the true roots of oppression, and find our way to a more Just and ethical society.

Via the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition's FB page:

In this talk, Aph will re-frame black oppression through a speciesist lens using examples of white (human) racial terrorism in the United States. She will also be relying upon Afrofuturistic frameworks to demonstrate how the black vegan imagination is a necessary tool for the liberation of non-human animals. Using articles from Aphro-ism as well as other cultural texts, Aph will explain how those most impacted by the white human must be the most vocal towards dismantling speciesism.

Located in Rocky 300 (Building at Vassar) We do not have an exact address and will post if the event organizers let us know, otherwise I am sure there is signage to navigate the campus easily once you get to Vassar. It is about an hour and 5 minutes travel time from Woodstock, NY.

More info can be had at the Vassar AR club FB page, by clicking HERE.

Later Event: January 22
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