Animal Lover = Vegan Ski Cap - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT***

Animal Lover = Vegan Ski Cap - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT***


***Dear friends… We are SOLD OUT of this unique message ski hat. But have no fear - we are working to re-stock! If interested, please shoot us an email via our contact page so we know of your interest; as a small sanctuary, it helps us to understand demand when we place an order, so we can conserve and raise funds with utmost care. THANK YOU!!!

vegans are the penultimate animal lovers. stay cozy while letting everyone know that farm animals matter, too.

unisex - one size fits most species. 

Dark blue acrylic (vegan) knit cap.

Embroidered lettering in vibrant light blue and silver thread.

As with all of our items, a portion of sales (minimum 20%, but 100% for special initiatives) go to support animal rescue and care. Recently we rescued two very sick chickens ourselves and current sales will go to help us cover their extremely high vet bills and a new COOP for them, and future rescues.

In 2014 thru 2016 money I earned from the sales of our items was given in the form of donations to the following animal rescues and efforts:

  • ActAsia for Animals (

  • Woodstock Feral Cat Project (

  • APRL (Animal Protection & Rescue League - their defense of animal rescuer Amber Canavan)

  • PETA

  • The Humane League

  • The Chicken Sanctuary

  • Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge in NJ

  • Legal Defense of Kelly Lehman (interrupted a pig harassing event)

  • Surgery for Frida the Pigeon (via activist Jennifer Chong who does incredible work)

  • 10th Element of Hip Hop Health & Wellness Festival (vegan hip hop festival)

  • Hen Harbor (towards emergency surgery for Jacinta, a hen)

  • My Hopes in You Small Animal Rescue (medical care for 2 locally rescued domesticated rabbits

  • Vet Care for Little Joey (a cat in need of surgery)

and the human charities:

  • Back on My Feet

  • Amnesty International

  • Color of Change

  • Planned Parenthood

  • The White Helmets and International Rescue Committee (Syrian refugee relief and assistance)... because humans are animals too and we're all about empathy and emphasizing our connections.

sold out
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