At a cellular level, all animals (human and non-human) crave happiness in their own way. Whether as dance-floor ecstasy or meditative contentment, scratches under the neck or fresh grass, happiness is a quality that elevates all life to a magical state.

The Institute for Animal Happiness (IFAH) wants to save more animals - with our own efforts and by highlighting the efforts of others - as well as foster greater awareness through creative mediums. We create art and opportunities that encourage joy, learning, non-speciesist dialogue and positive action for animals that is grounded in a vegan, animal rights = human rights (Intersectional) philosophy. IFAH also creates empowering and fun message-wear that helps support our animal rescue, care & advocacy efforts - and has supported the efforts of many great organizations. We also make spontaneous gifts of our merch to hard working animal rights advocates in the trenches, because we've been there and know that a sign of support and a warm hat in winter can be meaningful when you are outside caring for animals or leaf-letting in the cold.

We are ready to expand our own rescue & care capacities!

We have worked for nearly a decade at other sanctuaries and rescues - doing animal care, administration, fundraising, and more, while supporting a growing rescue family of our own. The humble but proud proceeds from our merch and music sales have been sent to support many wonderful animal rescue and care organizations (see items in our shop for full list of charities.) But at this time any incoming Institute Shop proceeds are being put towards veterinary bills and building our first official Institute Outbuilding: a first-class coop and additional safe grazing runs. Because, quite simply put, our living room cannot fit any more chickens.

As volunteers with creative energy we have completed many projects including the following:

  • Used our writing skills and ski hats as incentives in a fundraiser for an animal rescuer starting a sanctuary and raised over $11,000 for them.
  • Recorded a song (ANIMAL ANTHEM - see MUSIC) whose proceeds go to animal rescue and care.
  • Co-created a meetup group (with animal advocate/singer/songwriter Kirsti Gholson) that is now on FB and have hosted numerous creative and educational events
  • Created an online arts advocacy hub for vegan/animal rights artists
  • Been at work co-producing (along with activist/writer Sande Nosonowitz) a new huge vegan festival for the Hudson Valley
  • ...and most joyously, we picked up a few more rescued, non-human family members along the way, as well. Two were profiled on The Dodo website!

But- we want to do more. Thank you for your interest and for visiting this site.  Please stay tuned for news as we grow!


Note: We are not a non-profit at this time. We may go in that direction in the future, but for now have chosen to keep our day jobs, while exploring how we can grow in a thoughtful,  careful way. It is our goal to be as independent and sustainable as possible. We embrace a B-Corp ethic that endeavors to assist in shifting the status-quo by contributing to a vibrant, growing vegan economy while using proceeds for good. If you'd like to support our work and advocacy (and don't need a hat or a song) we are deeply grateful for any kind offer of support, and truly appreciate it! Every bit helps us continue to expand these efforts. We have a WISH LIST of supplies, in case you have items to donate or just want to help us care for these little ones. But for the time being, donations are not tax-deductible as we are not a 501(c)3. Thanks again.