Friends of a Feather

A Caring Community Makes it all Possible!


To Care

Miriam and Tony making sure Flopsie’s vet wrap is comfy and secure.

Lexi and Avery.jpg

To Love

Lexi gives little Avery, a disabled rooster born with severe birth defects, the care and affection he needs to know without doubt he is loved.

Linda Marie and Avery.jpg

To Give Hope

Linda with little Avery in one of his Wheelchair-acclimation sessions. Love and reassurance, every step of the way.

Joanne Ehret with Larry 1.JPG

To Appreciate

Little Larry loves his foot baths, especially when Joanne provides feather fluffing as part of the spa package!

Oli and Susan volunteering.JPG

To Nurture

It takes a village to keep them safe and give them the quality of life they deserve. Friends (like Oliver and his mom Susan, shown here) volunteer to sit with the more vulnerable birds outside, so everyone can roam and be curious and play without fear. We provide the fair-trade, shade-grown, bird-friendly coffee… and mosquito nets! Larry, Flowbee and Honey appreciate the watchful care.

Rebecca Moore and Miriam Chisholm caring for bird.jpg

To Heal

Miriam and Rebecca doing bumble foot care and vet-wrapping for a very patient and understanding Zoltan.

Nicole and Buckles.jpg

To Listen

Nicole (communing with Buckles - and Festus and Funyons in the background.) helping out on a day we were doing yearly parasite treatments. She knows that all we need to do is listen and pay attention; the birds are excellent at communicating and teaching us ways to understand them.

Helena Miriam and Tony with green coop.jpg

To Build

We are so grateful to Helena, Miriam, Tony and everyone who cares about all the birds that come here desperately needing care and a haven. Each of these friends brings so much good energy and very real support that makes a difference and makes meeting the needs of these beings possible (picture from the day we put the green quarantine “chalet” together.)