Me and little Larry Rooster

Me and little Larry Rooster


My name is Rebecca Moore, and I am a musician and animal rights activist. At the age of 10, a chance meeting with a chicken at summer camp outside of city limits made me question everything I had been told about animals. I started to advocate for them literally overnight (and stopped eating them.)

As an artist I worked for over two decades in NYC, with some trips abroad. I always had a day job, but by night I was working with many cool experimental theater, dance, film and performance artists in the 1980's-90's East Village heyday, starting when I was 16 years old. At the same time, I was busy doing my own multi-media theater works, and as a musician I put out two CD’s on the very eccentric Knitting Factory record label. As an urban activist I was involved in efforts to preserve low income housing and cultural spaces. While I identified strongly as being for animal rights - went to demos and had rescued a few "city" animals (a pigeon, two litters of kittens, one sweet dog) and I actually was a waitress at one of the only vegan restaurants in NYC at the time - I felt disconnected from a larger animal rights community and in my own social justice ethics connections and understanding.

One day I decided to leave my comfort zone and pretty much everything I had built up to that point, to devote myself to animal rescue, care, and advocacy. I took a bus upstate that dropped me off on a dirt road (I didn't even know how to drive at the time) and started working at a farm animal rescue. The animal sanctuary journey continued over the next 9 years in NY, NJ and CA as I worked and learned at several different organizations wearing a zillion different hats: volunteer, staff member, animal care- taker, barn cleaner, administration, running programs, doing educational tours for hundreds of visitors, fundraising & membership, running events and more.

The Institute began as a side project while I paid my dues and learned and worked in the trenches - a small dream, to promote artists whose work and ethics I loved, and help me raise modest funds to support my own animal care (and the rescue and advocacy efforts of many great activists and organizations.) It is starting to grow into so much more!

My two big loves - animals and art - are now being celebrated together. I believe that doing this is the key to greater happiness for humans and non-humans alike. Thank you for visiting! I hope you'll check out the information on the other tabs to see what we are up to and who's in residence - and I hope you'll join our email list and be with us on this journey!

May all beings be happy, and free -